Diamond Care

Since your diamond and/or jewelry is a valuable investment, you will want to take proper care of it. This section contains some basic tips to help keep your diamond looking its best.




Cleaning Your Diamond

  1. During the course of ordinary wear and tear, a diamond is exposed to dirt, dust, perspiration, makeup, and natural skin oils, and household chemicals. Diamonds, like anything else, get smudged, soiled and dusty. Over time, these materials build up on a diamond, dulling its natural beauty and reducing their brilliance. In addition, chemicals in the air will oxidize or discolor the mountings.
  2. We recommend having your diamond professionally cleaned and inspected once every six months to maximize its brillance or even sooner if it is dropped or hit against a hard surface. These inspections help prevent the loss of your diamond solitaire in the event your ring has been inadvertently damaged.

Storing Your Diamond

  1. When you’re not wearing your diamonds and precious jewelry, it is important to store them properly. Because of their hardness, diamonds can scratch other diamond and metal surfaces – making it one of the most common ways jewelry is damaged. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure each piece is stored in fabric-lined cases inside a box with compartments.

General Tips

  1. Avoid wearing your diamonds while doing housework, gardening, intense exercise, or any other kind of rough work. Even though a diamond is extremely durable, a hard blow could chip it.
  2. If you notice any loose stone setting or any other noticeable damages to your jewelry, do not continue to wear the jewelry. Take it to a trusted, professional jeweler immediately who can make a sound assessment and repair the jewelry.